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Faith Finds
A Great Cluster

Bill Finds
A Huge Cluster

I Know The Big
Tabby Is Here

Yes, Your Really
Do Get Dirty

Really Dirty

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Crystal Point Laying
In The Dirt

Quartz Cluster

Beautiful Golden
Healer Point

We Found A
Whole Lot of
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Come Dig with Us at
Coleman's Miller Mtn. Mine

Only $10 a day - Keep all you find!

Everyone who loves quartz crystal has probably dreamed about mining your own crystals. So why not make that dream come true. All it takes is a simple trip to beautiful Arkansas.

What are your hours?
You can dig from 7am to Sunset, 7days a week, except Christmas Day.  Store hours are 7am to 7pm.  The mine is worked everyday that the weather allows, and there is plenty to mine on the bad weather days also.

What will I find?
You will find clear and white quartz crystal.  You may also find some interesting pieces of Adularia and Calcite.  The high quality and marvelous variety of Arkansas quartz crystal is world-renowned.  It is preferred and eagerly sought after by collectors.

Can I go into the actual pit and watch the miners?
Federal Safety Laws prohibits anyone, except employees, from going into the actual pit.  You will be able to go through the loads, which are brought up by dump trucks and front-end loaders.

What does it cost?
The fee is $10 per day for age 10 to adults.  Free for children 9 and under with a paying adult.  There are no additional charges, which means you keep all you find with no extra fees!

Is there a guarantee?
We are the only mine, that we know of, that Guarantees you will find Quartz Crystals or we will give you your money back.  

What should I wear?
Wear old clothes OR clothes you do not like.  They will never look the same again!  Same goes for shoes or boots.  That beautiful red mud just doesn't come out.

What should I bring?
You are welcome to bring digging tools & something to put your findings in.  If you do not have tools, we sell at cost, a 3-prong hand garden tool for $3 each.

We will get you started and assist you in all forms of your concerns.

Public restrooms.

We have onsite RV parking, 4 with electric and water for $10 per day.  We also have 23 primitive campsites, without hook-ups, for $4 per day.  We have showers for $2 per person.  We do not have septic.  For electric camping reservations please call 501-984-5752.  Please also call if you will be arriving after dark.

There is also the Village Inn located in Hot Springs Village.  The phone number is 1-888-922-9601 or 501-922-2600.

We sell bagged ice, snacks, and drinks.  We also sell Oxalic Acid for cleaning your crystals with instructions.

Where is the mine?
Coleman's Miller Mtn. Mine is located off of Hwy 298.   Please do not use your navigation system!  It will send you miles in the wrong direction!   Follow the directions below & call if you have questions - 501-984-5752.
From Hot Springs - On Hwy 70 take Exit 2 North.  Follow the curvey road (Gulpha Gorge Rd.) about 1/2 mile until it deadends at Rt. 7.  Turn Right and go a few miles.  Rt. 7 makes a left hand turn.  Stay on Rt. 7 through Hot Springs Village to Hwy 298.  Turn Left on Hwy 298 (you can only turn left) go 10 miles to Miller Mtn. Mine sign on left.  Turn left and follow signs up the mountain!

From North - Take Hwy 7. South.  Go through Jessieville (you will mostly just see the school).  Turn Right onto Hwy 298 (you can only turn right) go 10 miles to Miller Mtn. Mine sign on left.  Turn left and follow signs up the mountain!

From West - Take Hwy 71 South or North (depending on where you are coming from) to Hwy 270.  Turn onto Hwy 270 (it only goes East).  Go 32 miles to Mt. Ida.  As you are coming into town, turn Left (North) on Hwy 27.  Go 11 miles.  Turn Right on Hwy 298 (you can only turn right) go 18 miles to Miller Mtn. Mine sign at the top of a hill on the Right.  Turn Right and follow signs up the mountain!

More Interesting Information
There are so many wonderful benefits that are associated with finding your own crystals. First and foremost, you are going to find plenty of high quality Arkansas quartz crystal. There are also a large variety of shapes and types for you to find. These could include:
· Crystal points
Crystal clusters
Double terminated crystals
Tabby crystals
Golden healers
Self-healed crystals
Channeling crystals
Twin crystals
Record keeper crystals
Window crystals
Transmitter crystals
Wand crystals
Fade-line crystals
Phantom quartz
Curved/twisted crystals
Digging for your own quartz crystal is a healthy and invigorating activity. It’s something that the whole family can enjoy and participate in together.
You are ready to begin the search, but you need to know what to look for. Most people have a pretty good idea about what a crystal looks like. But here, in their natural surroundings crystals are camouflaged. They are not clean or sparkly and most often are muddy and iron-stained. In other words, they look just like the dirt. When you first find something you think might be a crystal, ask for help.  We will be glad to assist you in identifying what is or isn’t a crystal. Once you find a few it will become much easier. When in doubt take it home. Sometimes you can be very surprised.
The actual digging takes place in the mine tailings. Tailings are piles of dirt that are brought up out of the mine for you to search through. This makes your search for crystals easier and safer. You will find plenty of good crystal without the danger of being in the actual mine. There are two ways to search for crystals in the tailing piles. One is surface collecting. This is where you walk across the piles and pick up what you see. The other is to find a spot that looks good and dig in.
Surface collecting is pretty easy and very effective. You simply walk back and forth across the tailings and pick up anything that looks like a crystal. Carry a flat head screwdriver around with you to assist in prying up any crystals that are stuck in the dirt. The crystal point you pry up could be part of something much larger. Sunlight changes during the day and may now show crystals that were hidden before. So it will be important to walk over the same areas every few hours. You will be surprised at how many more crystals are just waiting for you. A great time to surface collect is after a heavy rain. Much of the topsoil washes away exposing crystals that were hidden before.
Hand digging for your crystals is hard work, but well worth it. This method gives you a better chance of finding larger points and clusters. Find an area with a lot of orange/red mud showing. This orange/red mud (affectionately called peanut butter) is a good indicator that crystal is present. You will need a small garden rake and a bucket. The rake is used to clear away any dirt that you have already searched through. The bucket is for all those crystal points and clusters you are going to find. You should also wear gloves for protection. Pull some dirt towards you and start squeezing through it. When you feel something hard, remove just enough dirt to see what it is. If it looks and feels like black shiny glass, congratulations, you have found a crystal! Put some mud back on the crystal for protection and place it in your bucket. Clear away any dirt you that you have already searched through and repeat the process. Your bucket will fill up before you know it.
Your ability to find good crystal will improve over time. Until that time comes, keep everything shiny and sort it out at home. This way you will learn what to keep and what to leave behind next time.
Bring very old clothes to dig in. They will get dirty and become stained with the beautiful red mud. Equipment for digging is minimal, you will need:
Small garden rakes
Plastic buckets or bags
Cheap brown gloves
Hats and/or sunglasses
Old flathead screwdrivers
Sun block
Digging for your own Arkansas quartz crystal is a very dirty activity. But the rewards are rich and many. You will find plenty of crystals to take home. You will meet wonderful people and witness the joy of a child’s face as they find a crystal. As you think back, you will notice that your stress level is lower. Over the years we have watched a lot of people trying to dig without getting dirty. But the powerful influence of the crystal wins out. In a few days even their own families didn’t recognize them. You will become very relaxed and comfortable with the beautiful surroundings. As you sit around a warm fire with your loved ones, words need not be spoken. You are truly tired and together.
Here are some other great things you will find or experience.
Lots of beautiful Arkansas quartz crystal.
One of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.
You will be surrounded by more positive energy than you ever thought was possible.
You will be surrounded by absolutely beautiful landscape.
You will meet friendly people helping each other and sharing knowledge.
Your heart and soul will become much younger than the rest of your body. (Pacing yourself is highly recommended.)
No TV’s, radios or newspaper. Believe it or not the world still goes on without you.
Unbelievable sunsets.
Stars, stars, and more stars.
A great nights sleep, if you don’t mind the screams of a loon or the screech of an owl.
A wonderful peace with yourself will overcome you.
A fond appreciation for the clean crystals you find in stores.
Gazing into the nighttime campfires.
Clean air and mineral water.
The experience of being the first person to touch a crystal that is hundreds of millions of years old.
Time to plan for your next trip!
Did you know that Mount Ida Arkansas is the "Quartz Crystal Capitol of the World"? Every October they host the "World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig". Which includes:
Three days of digging
Good ole’ competition
Meeting people with similar interest
Chance to win cash and prizes
Quartz, Quiltz & Craftz show at the Fairgrounds.
We hope that we have convinced you to fulfill your dream and dig your own Arkansas quartz crystal. Information on other quartz crystal mines and "World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig".

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